I'm 17 1/2, weigh 140lbs and I'm 5'6". I'm going into my senior year of high school. My dad is 6', my brother is 22 now and he's also 6' but he has always been fairly tall and lanky, my mom is 5'3". I started noticing signs of puberty at around age 11, I was getting armpit hair and pubic hair. I have had a lot of leg and arm hair since I was very little, and when I turned 13 I started having to shave my thin mustache hairs. When I turned 15 I started growing chest and stomach hair and I started having to shave my full face regularly.  My dad is VERY hairy, with a lot of chest hair and facial hair. I am VERY turned on, constantly. I masturbate at the very least 5 times a week on if I don't have a lot of time. I have grown ONE INCH since I was 14!!! I'm very worried that I won't grow any more. I haven't felt growing pains  in so long that I forgot what they feel like.. ): I'm also very active, and I go to the gym and run and do pushups/situps constantly.. I do smoke marijuana as of last year, but on very rare occasions. I dislike drinking in excess, so I've only done it a few times to experiment. Other than that, I have no illnesses or anything of the like.. Rambling, I know! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!