Hi. I'm 28, woman. I've started bodybuilding some years ago and I feel it brought me a lot of positive things. So I wanted to go further but of course I'd need to take some medication. I talked it over with the other girls. I'm prepared for some virilization of my body and I don't care about the boobs shrinking (I don't have that much anyway) or the clit growing but I do care about the hair issue. Does anyone have experience of hairloss as combined with steroids? It's supposed to be quite rare but I wonder. There's a woman at the club who's got serious issues, she's grown facial hair which she had to have removed by laser and chesthair which she did nothing about and above all she lost a great deal of hair on her head and needs to wear a wig. That's what I'm not willing to accept. Wbat's your experience? And if it happened would it be reversible?