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Hi. I'm 13 year old and I get so emotional over such little things. I get frustrated with things and people and cry. And I can't stop crying and I have a fit about it. This has been happening daily now for the past month or two. There has been a few girls at my school who are very mean to me but I've worked on pushing them out of my life, and I haven't talked to them in about a week, but I still have fits. I believe the stress from them have made the crying worse, but even without them it has been hard. I think my parents are against me and hate me when I have these fits. I'm usually happy but things annoy me to easily and I feel like I complain a lot. I have a low confidence and am gaining weight. When I have these fits, I get suicidal thoughts and don't want to eat. I think about running away and cutting, even though I never have. It's like a whole other side of me that comes out when these stupid little things happen, and no one understands and my parents yell at me for it and it makes it worse. They want to take me to anger management classes but haven't yet, even after threatening it many times before. Will this therapy help? Is this normal? What can I do to stop it? What is this?



it's not unusual at all for someone your age to have problems with controlling emotions. You just entered puberty and while hormones that promote the growth of physical things - from getting your first period, to breast growth, they also have a massive impact on your emotional life. Some of the emotions you feel now are completely new and it's no wander you can't handle them - you didn't even have the time to get used to them yourself. You did a best thing for yourself when you simply cut off those girls, but your parents seem to need to be educated about having a teenage child themselves. I'd recommend you to keep pushing them on seeing the counselor, no matter if they want to attend the meeting with you or not. It's important for you to learn to manage your emotions and impulses now, simply because that will save you a lot of problems later in life,

if it helps, feel free to talk to me or others on the forums,

wish you all the best,