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Hello. I need serious help. I'm not sure who the father of my unborn baby is. I had my period on feb 3rd-9th at 12am feb 10th i had unprotected sex but he "pulled out" on feb 18th me and ex and I got back together and we had sex on the 18th, 19th, and 20th and each time he didnt pull out. on March 5th I got a positive pregnancy test. Who could the father be? This has been worrying me so much. I usually have irregular periods so I can't even go off of the 28 day cycle


Having irregular periods makes it difficult to be certain, but the most likely seems to be your ex (unless you have cycles less than 27 days).

  1. Can you provide the start dates for your last 6 periods?
  2. What prompted you to take a pregnancy test?