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im  supposedly 6 weeks pregnant. My last menstual period was on the 11 of May. My calendar says I was fertile between 20th -26th of May. I had sex with my ex boyfriend on the 10th a day before my period then I had sex with my boyfriend on the 24 & 25 but he only came in me once which was on the 25th. Now I'm super curious who's the father of my unborn child!!!  I need some help!


Hi Jay,

Was this a "normal" period for you?  If so, you likely weren't pregnant beforehand.

Most Doctors base dates on your LMP.  You "should" be at 4 weeks.

Since you know your LMP we'll go with that.  With a period starting on 11 May you'd normally ovulate between 22 May and 27 May.  Sperm can survive up to about 5 days.  The egg is viable for about 48 hours after ovulation.

Assuming a normal period on 11 May then your boyfriend IS the father.  Just before your period you would be at your lowest fertiltiy.

A DNA test can confirm.

Hope it helps.