7 1/2 months ago after a 2 hr drive, standing 20 minutes and a 20 foot walk I suddenly felt numb on my left leg. The next day I had these symptoms: numb from my stomach midline around left side to my spine and down my left leg thru my toes with leg weakness and prickly pain throughout, the left side of my stomach distends too. Lumbar and thoracic MRI's, and an EMG have not revealed a diagnosis other than a lumbar with a herniated disc, stenosis, arthritis and spurs. Yesterday I had an epidural that relieves long time pain in my lumbar, but the other symptoms have as yet to be relieved and I don't have hope the epidural will do that. An orthopedic surgeon, neurologist and neurosurgeon along with his NP and MD pain management Doc who did the epidural have yet to come up with a diagnosis. If you can help please do, I'm 67 yrs old but have been pretty active until these past 7 1/2 months. Thank you, C Tim