I have experienced tingling and a kind of numb sensation down my left side 4 about 6-7 years,I have had an mri scan but never found anything wrong.i had surgery on my tubes about 7 years ago an that is when i first experienced the tingling,i then had further surgery bout 3yrs ago to have my falopian tubes removed and experienced the tingling before and after.at the begginning of this year i went through the IVF.Unfortunately it was unsuccessful.i am now on anti depressants called Setraline,i have used them before and had no problems,until now.well its possibly not them thats causing the tingling.usually i get this when i am a bit stressed,can stress do this to your body,sometimes i feel like my head is goin to explode and that i want to cut my leg off as its very painful and frustrating.please help.thankyou