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ok now ive done a home pregnancy test it came back positive , & dont forget im on the depo-shot.
one line was real dark the other was there but barelly visible.
so the next day ive stopped bleedin bloodclots still bleedin tho.
&& took myself to tha hospital. they done bloodwork and took a pee test.
it all came back negative. but i still think im pregnant because im still experiencing tha pain and bleeding

and my belly is bloated.

when your on the depo shot, will it show up in bloodwork && pee test that your not pregnant??????

ive heard it doesnt but i really need help !!
thank yall so verry much (:


Well,  I imagine you probably found out by now, But I will answer Just Because other people can still find this. I was on Depo myself for two years. One day I asked my doctor if it would still show up positive on a pregnancy test if I was or if it would just say negative because of the depo. She said Yes. It Will show up positive if you are pregnant.  I would imagine their tests in the office would also be very accurate. Unless its too early for them to tell. Hope this helps anyone else who also has this situation. And as always, be sure to call your doctor after you get a positive pregnanct test result. Sometimes they are wrong, but they are usually nintey nine percent accurate, unless you are testing too early or on hormone medication.