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0kay. i'm a week late on my period, i have really horrible lower back pains, horrible stomach pains, white discharge, i eat ALL the time, bloating, theres a small lump in the left lower side of my stomach, i get dizzy alot ((anytime of day)), im always tired, headaches, my legs and hips are getting a little bit bigger, my breasts are somewhat larger, and i don't have any energy at all...

i took two pregnancy tests yesterday and on both you could see a very very light colored line.

[[pregnancy tests cannot detect a pregnancy outside of the uterus]]

but on the box it says wait a week and take another one...

but i dont wanna wait that long. i wanna know now and i dont know what to do.

should i go to the health department and get them to give me a pregnancy test?

what should i do? somebody please help me!


I would suggest that you talk to your parents, and have them take you to the doctor for a Pregnancy test (Urine and Blood). Yes, it is a scary thing to bring up to them I know (I had my 1st daughter when I was 17). However, your parents might be more supportive than you give them credit for.

If you absolutely do not wish your parents to know, you can visit a Planned Parenthood Clinic in your area. I don't know if they do blood tests for pregnancy, but they can repeat the urine test.

The blood test is more accurate.

Also, a lump in your left side is probably not pregnancy related, but also I would suggest that you see a doctor for it because of other situations. Perhaps that can be why you tell your mom or dad to get you a doctor appointment, then speak to the doctor in private (here in the USA that is allowed).