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I was supposed to start my period march 20th and the whole week before that I was spotting a pinkish discharge and on the 20th I got a lot more blood and thought I started my period and realized it was a false alarm when I saw no blood hours later. Then a week later the same thing happened but lasted 2 days. And it has now been a week and a half since then and I am spotting again. I was sexually active a few times in march and was unsafe and I'm not on the pill. I don't think I am pregnant. I have taken two negative pregnancy tests a couple weeks ago. What do you think this could be?


Remember that with no protection (condoms) you can get a sexually transmitted infection or disease.  You could have a bladder, urinary, or yeast infection - probably best to make a doctors appointment.  This does not sound like pregnancy symptoms.  Probably need a complete blood work done and ultra-sound.

Good luck