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I've read several posts so far about this topic...I need to know for myself though. OK so I am a 31 day cycle kind of girl, my last period was 17 Jan next was expected on 17 Feb 2013. Well that date has come and gone along with 5 other days after. I took a HPT last night and it was neg. Of course I know it was dumb to take it in the evening because it's diluted but were not worried about that part. My periods or "shark week" is always VERY heavy. Seriously, it practically sounds like I'm peeing I bleed so much. Always bright red and always clumpy as well. Today I came to work ( now 6 days late and 37 days into my cycle) use the bathroom and BAM there was my period...but something was different, light pink like a Chick-fil-A straw wrapper. Only when i wipe with TP. So I put on a pad think "awesome...just my luck." (sarcasm) I go to use the bathroom again like 30 min later (cause that's how i am these days, moody, crampy, boobs hurt kinda gal sniffing everything i couldn't smell before) and theres maybe...MAYBE a half inch streak of brown dry blood on my pad and i'm still wiping up light pink blood. I made a docs appointment for Monday. A lot of posts I read said this usually starts BEFORE a missed period...what I want to know is does this sound normal..and who has ended up pregnant spotting AFTER a missed period.


First of all I love that you call it shark week lol. You are correct about your levels being diluted and should always take a pregnancy test in the morning. Some women can take a pregnancy test and get a false negative. The only way for a true and accurate result is to have a blood pregnancy test taken when you go to the doctor. The spotting blood could be implantation bleeding which is very common when the egg attaches itself to your uterine wall. The symptoms you described are common signs of pregnancy.

Good luck at the doctor monday