there im 17 years old and i started getting the depo injection 2 years ago. through out this period of 2 years i have not had a single period from when i started. i have now stopped getting the injection and have been off it for over a month nearly two now and i have not got my period. i have not been to the doctors yet as i didnt see it as an issue but now i do. two nights ago i had unretected sex with my boyfriend alough he didnt no cum inside me ( he pulled out) it is still possible that his pre-cum could have been inside me. i am extreemly worried that i could be pregnant or can be pregnant after a week or so as i cannot tell with my periods because i dont get them. i bought some test and i did one on the 1/10/2012 two days after intercourse it came out negative. i was that worried but did not know that i had to wait 14 days. should i wait 14 days to take the test again?

i also dont know what to do about my periods i havent had one for 2 full years and now that i am off the jag i thought i would get one but i have not. i may just be paranoyed but i was just wanting to hear suggestions from people to ease my stress..

thank you