Hey all..,
I`ve played boxing for 2 and a half years and I am 21 yrs of age.
This all started 3 yrs bk after when i left boxing cuz of my studies and after a year i developed 2 kidney stones and i underwent lithotrypsy. Than after a year i developed an anurysmal bone cyst in my left leg and the biopsy showed that it was just a benign (B9) tumor. last month my right arm got fractured and it contained a cyst too.
Doctors inserted 2 plates in it to keep it fixed and they will take it out after2 years. My doctor suggested me to check my PTH level. The results shwed that it was high and I have to go through another surgery to take out my left lower PTH gland.

I want to ask some questions ...so please anyone could answer me as quick as possible cuz my surgery is in 3 days...

- Is this surgery safe?
- I read some posts about PTH and came to know that it gets difficult to sleep after surgery, so what precautions should I take?
- Will I b able to play boxing again..No matter if it takes 2 years to recover.
- How long will it take for my bones to gain their strength fully?
- Will I be able to do any sort ov tough exercises after I fully recover?

This is wat basically i wanna ask about. Any extra suggestions would be welcomed.