Okay hello everyone! This is a TMI topic so please beware! Generally I start my cycles like clockwork. I have a female calendar app which I log the good, the bad, & the ugly when it comes to bodily concerns on including sexual encounters with the hubby. We just had a baby in May and even after that my body fell right back into sync with 28 day cycles, always very heavy flow (the kind where I bleed thru a super absorbancy tampon every hour and a half for 7 days straight), never a cramp, never any effects whatsoever other than occaissional tiredness and migraine..... this month however was different! My cycle was due on the 11th and I didn't start at all! I "O" on the 29th and had unprotected sex the night before. At 3 days past on the 14th I had scanty bright red flow mixed with a large amount of slick clear discharge. Completely out of the ordinary for me! Assuming it was an irregular period I have been using tampons but have only filled one completely and that was over an entire night the first night. Since then I've used my teenagers "tween" tampons and never come close to even filling one. The first night I also had cramping but by day fourthere is no flow at all. This is totally out of the oordinary for me.... any advice at all would be helpful! Could this be implantation?