Ladys Ladys! how are we feeling today good?
here's my questions hope everyone can help and put their 2 sense in,it will be very much welcomes

here we go its the beguing of the month,woman excspect their periods on their cycles,unfortunetly im almost 20 yrs old in april and stilldont know!,i had my first son dec 1st,- no implantation bleeding,no sore boobs no nothing,just very tired.
did get a positiive pregnancy testuntill UNTIL i was aleast 3 and half months in mind you...very odd
then 2 and half months later its feb 14th! valentines day,just got over a period just befour valetines day it was 3 and half days though its odd... so i was showing love to my baby father.its valetines day what the hell right ladys?, havent seen his crazy ass for a half of a yr -long story on that not to get into it, so 2 weeks or 2 and half weeks later into march,i get what i thought was my period,was very very abnormal,it was a week befour my regular period-the week befour his crazy period was my back ached! still aching.so continueing on ,this period(so i thought) started off as like a dry,very faint brownish tar black discharge,lasted that whole day-neve rin my life experiecned this befour-not even after i had my first so-...anyway day 2 same thing but the brown got lighter very faint that was it for day no -no flow not cramps no nothing.Day 3 cme along ,this time the brown turned to a very light brown colour with light light very faint pink colour.Day 4 we got a light pink colour this time got a little heavier but nothing flowing(to my self-what the hell period is this?-...ha chuckles to self..
it was heavier but stayed relaivly light but it was their enough for pantyliner.Day 5 rolled around still staying that pinnk colour but by the end of the day it turnd bright pink,not a fresh bleeding ,just bright pink-enough for 1 pad lasting the whole day-no flow no cramps accompanying it-its crazy- anytway its been 6 days and it magically stopedd...! next day turned brown again then stoped after 2 whips
TMI Sorry
anyone experiecn this?
please help
Implantation bleeding or hormones out of wack -or period
Pregnant or not?
you decide!