Hello every one I have PCOS and around 10 days ago I had intercourse after next day I noticed some Light pink spotting which I believed to be an ov bleed. I am normally regualar 4 weeks + 6 sometimes but from tuesday 9/21/10 I started to lightly bleed on and off not even enough to cahnage a thin panty liner tmi! It is not day three and much of the same all night. but this morning it was bright red when i went to the loo I keep an eye on it! I am never ever early and I have heavy heavy periods. Everywhere I look says that implantation bleeding only lasts 2-3 days max. I don't know how today will go but it sis too early for my period and it would have kicked in by now. Im exhausted, have really sore sensitive teeth?? breast are usual tender before a period but unusually I have this calmness over me. I have just had started my uni course and cant stop thinking about it. Oh I have completely no appitie which is not me! The only reason I am even giving this a second thought is that ds 2 was a clomid prgnancy I have not been on contraception for a 2 years and the ov bleed. The bleeding as i said was sometimes there mostly not light pink or brown just today was bright red :-(.... What is going on it to early for pt should i just forget and expect my AF?

Thank you all in advance any help is most welcome :'(