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My name is Larry .

I am 69 years old. I had recto/sigmoid surgery in March 2013.  There was no cancer found although the surgeon claimed prior to the surgery that I had possibly stage 2. And that it was urgent for me to have surgery as soon as possible. After the surgery, the hospital pathology results stated there was no cancer.  By the way the surgeon never showed up for the surgery.

Another surgeon I  had never met came to the hospital and did the surgery.

There has been no follow up by either of the two surgeons.

I am using metamucil and laxactives combined. Metamucil twice daily. Laxactives six times a day.

Now a year later I still have tremendous difficulty passing stools. If I try to push to hard in an attempt to have a bowel movement  I have sharp pains in my lower left side later.

I have found the best way to start the bowel movement is to attempt to physically dig out the first part of the rock hard stool. After that the stools will start to come out. I quite often have scarlet coloured blood with the first portion of the bowel movement. I know this is disgusting. I tell my family doctor all these problems .

The cancer society refuses to give me information or to help me because the cut out portion of the rectal / sigmoid colon was diagnosed to be cancer free. I live in Surrey, British Columbia.


I am sorry for what you are going thru. Just some layman suggestions. Use Miralax, Drink 8 glasses of WATER a day, everyday, keep your body in motion, that keeps you colon in motion.Eat small amounts of food each meal with one of your glasses of water. Hope this helps. You may not notice a differeance for several days, but give it a good long try.





Thank you.

I drink probably over a gallon of water a day. I have found this does not seem to help. I am a very active senior. I hope you are ok. Larry