My past history, hysterectomy age 28, ovarian cystectomy, appendectomy age 33, ovarian cystectomy and right oopherectomy age 35, ovarian cystectomy with partial removal of left ovary age 37, left ovarian cystectomy with complete removal of left ovary age (SURGERY 7 1/2 HOURS) due to extensive adhesions. Diagnoised with diverticular disease age 45, 4 past diverticulitis outbreaks, 2 with abcesses requiring hospitalization. Currently I have been recommended to a surgeon, who has told me I am definately going to require surgery, removal of my sigmoid colon and fistula repair. He is assuming I have a fistula due to specific symptoms, and I am scheduled for a barium enema on Monday to give him a clear picture of what is going on. I am so afraid with my past history, and abdominal adhesions that our currenty so bad they are crushing my large bowel making bowel movements difficult without laxitive use, miralax works the best for me without any painful side effects. I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, after searching for a doctor (endocrinologist) who followed the current guidelines. After seeing my TSH levels 5.48 he started me on .75 mcls per day. After approx. 2 weeks without any improvement on my symptoms and unrelenting fatique I called back his office. My vitamid D level was a 12 and I am currently on 50,000 units once a week. I take several other medications, lamictal 300mgs daily, xanax 1 ml up to 3 times a day, klonopin 2mls up to 2 times per day, phenegen .25 mls twice a day for nausea, dilaudid 4mls up to 8 per day for pain. I was diagnosed bipolar 5 years ago. A serious back injury requires the use of the pain meds daily. My surgeon is well aware of all my meds, I just met him and this makes me a little nervous. My gastroenterologist sent me asap to see him. What can I expect, how debilitating is this surgery, what is the extimated hospital stay, and post surgery recovery times. I would apprecitate any input.

Thank You
Cindy :'(