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Hey there,

This is sort of a last resort for me, as I am growing more and more despondent with no answers. I have been experiencing pain in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen since May 1st of 2011. It is right under my ribs on the right side, and at time radiates into my back.

It never goes away (even with pain killers, such as Morphine and T3s), only has peaks and valleys. I haven't noticed it getting worse after eating, but it will get worse with sudden physical movement (e.g. sneezing, running, bumps on the bus) and also will get worse out of nowhere. The pain initially started quite mildly, and increased over the next two days to the point I could barely walk. Since then, I am at a constant 3-4/10, often getting up to 10/10.

I have had numerous tests done - an ultrasound, CT, various blood tests - and almost everything has come up normal. I had slightly low levels of TSH, a somewhat elevated glucose test, and a B12 deficiency (recovering vegetarian :P ) but that is it. In my first trip to the ER I was seen by quite a few doctors (including a few surgeons), and none of them could come up with anything. After my second trip to the ER, a doctor suggested (well, mocked...) that I just had ulcers, and I was tested for H. Pylori and put on the appropriate medication (Nexium). The pain did not subside in the slightest and my test came back negative.

My doctor, though I love her, has obviously come to a point where she doesn't know what to do, and attempts to other referrals have not panned out (the GI basically told me he couldn't help me and kicked me out, the surgeon wouldn't see me after looking at my folder).

Any thoughts on all of this? I'm getting desperate and know that I cannot do this forever.

Thanks a ton in advance for any light you can shed my way! :)


I'm NOT a doctor, but I do have a few leads you might want to follow up on...  The liver lives in the upper right quadrant, so this is the obvious place to start.  

The vegetarianism...  Perhaps you used to consume a lot of polyunsaturated vegetable oils in your diet.  These are advertised as being "heart healthy", but your liver actually hates them.  The liver is grand central station for all fats and oils in your body and polyunsaturated fats and oils oxidize at the drop of a hat (so to speak) and cause "lipid peroxidation" to occur in your liver.  The omega 6 fatty acids of vegetable oils are also notorious for increasing inflammation in the body.  

Canola oil in particular has been linked to health problems due to depletion of vitamin-E and oxidative stress.  

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If you've been feeding your liver oceans of polyunsaturated vegetable oils, try reducing these and upping your consumption of saturated fats.  Use real butter instead of margarine, avoid canola in salad oils and other products, and use more olive and coconut oils.  

If your liver is full of polyunsaturated fats that are oxidizing and causing problems, vitamin-E is supposed to help reduce this.  One low dose vitamin-E with your fattiest meal of the day is all you need.  Try this for a month and see what happens.  

Besides vitamin B-12 deficiency, vegetarianism can also cause a CHOLINE DEFICIENCY... Choline is your liver's favorite nutrient, and a deficiency of this can cause a lot of problems for your liver.  "Lecithin" (also known as "phosphatidylcholine") is also one of your liver's favorite foods.  Google around on: lecithin and the liver, and read more on this.  

You can kill two birds with one stone regarding a shortage of choline and lecithin by eating more EGGS...  Eggs contain more of these two nutrients than any other food you're likely to find.  Try not to cook them to death.  Sunny side up, over easy, soft boiled, or soft scrambled will keep the vital nutrients from being damaged too much.  Cook them with REAL BUTTER, not vegetable oil.  

Coffee has also shown remarkable properties that can help unhappy livers get well again. Fresh brewed coffee from freshly ground beans, filtered through a paper filter is best.  Do not use instant.  Do not use a french press.  Avoid decaffeinated coffee unless you have real problems with caffeine.  

High fructose corn syrup will up your triglycerides which also can stress your liver.  Avoid sodas with HFCS and artificial sweeteners.  Drink more ice tea, green tea and water.  Use white table sugar or honey to sweeten things.  

I think you will see, these dietary changes should help.  You should notice a difference in a month or so.  

Good Luck and GodSpeed to you!  



I would second all that


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