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i have had severe abdominal pain for about a month or more and the docs can't figure it out. Ive had blood tests to check my liver, pancreas and gall bladder were okay...they all checked out. I had an ultrasound...clear, I had an upper gi...clear, ct scan, clear, X-ray...clear, I'm having an endoscopy on the 6th. I have no vomiting or diarreha, really though I have dealt with life long constipation. I have acid reflux, hiadal hernia and pyloric stenosis surgery as a new born. They've told me to drink two quarts a water a day, changed my nexium dosek from one to two a day, told me to usei miralax and gave me a script for a IBS med. Pain is still there. Oh I had a hida scan and my gallbladder is working at 36%. I do have cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair. I can't even describe the pain...sometimes burn, sometimes gnawing, stretching, the right side will be puffy quite a bit.. Any ideas?


I'm not a doctor, so ask yours about my thoughts.  I do have a bit of input for you...

Your doc might have told you, your liver itself doesn't have any pain sending nerves in it so your liver shouldn't hurt.  That said, ask anyone with hepatitis if their liver hurts and they will say "heck yes!"  Liver pain is described as more of a dull ache than an intense pain.  

What does have plenty of pain sending nerves is the gall bladder.  You mentioned they said yours was working at 36%.  I'm not sure what that means...  The gall bladder simply holds and expels bile on demand when you eat fat.  The ultrasound should have shown stones if they were there, but there is often a "muddy" buildup of very thick bile that can restrict efficient emptying of the gall bladder that may cause pain as the bladder spasms trying to pump bile into the intestine.  A "sluggish liver" can pass most any test a doctor throws at it, but still cause symptoms.  

Avoid the temptation to try any "liver/gall bladder flushes" you may read about...  This is a very traumatic process to go through and is completely un-necessary.  

The best way to clear any mud out of your gall bladder is to stimulate your liver to produce an ample supply of fresh new bile.  As long as your bile duct is not completely blocked (and you should know if it was!), your gall bladder will clear itself.  

Google around on foods that "stimulate bile" (production and flow)...  You should find foods high in "choline" "lecithin", & fats (if you've been eating "low fat" this is the problem!) are what you need to increase.  Eggs have lots of choline and lecithin, so ask your doc about starting your day with eggs for a while.  Fish are rich in choline and contain high quality protein your liver also loves.  Nuts have lecithin and the kind of fats your liver should love.  You might also try a lecithin supplement.  Try using butter instead of margarine if you've been using the latter.  Butter is better!  

Toxins can also make for an unhappy liver...  Acetaminophen (aka Tylenol or paracetamol), and artificial sweeteners are most often the culprit here.  Avoid these for a bit and give your liver a break.  

Another possibility is always a sluggish colon...  The "ascending colon" goes up your right side and across under your diaphragm. Colon problems usually cause symptoms near the end of the road, on your lower left side, but if you're really backed up, this could cause pain on the ascending (right) side.  

A sluggish colon can be tough to fix, but it's easy to tune up your liver.  Just restrict toxins and give it some of its happy foods, and it will do the rest.  

Good Luck and GodSpeed to you.