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Hello All , I am considering having the acdf op and want to ask a few questions ?

How soon can you fly after having the op and does your voice get affected as I am a singer ??

what is the benefits/drawbacks of artificial disk over bone graft ??

Any help much appreciated

Big Thanks



Dear Tony G, I would really do some more investigation into the ACD & F spinal diskectomy due to what I am going through. I am suffering from head to toe. I was told that mine had a nerve though that is being pressed by a screw and haven't got it removed bc doc won't do it. He says that my surgery is fine. really feels that way. I just want you to be aware of the different choices that you have. Have you heard of pro-disc. It is shaped just like a disc and placed into the area. You would definately have more movement. It is not good to put these titanium plates into us and besides using them confines ur movement a lot. My brother in law has the pro-disc and is doing great. So, I wish that I was. Just research it.
YOU take care and really check into what u will have in ur neck for a long time. U definately want to be able to move and work again. I can't even work, but mine is just that bad. I am just one, but there are a lot others suffering w/this surgery...TRUST me!!!