Hey guys! First time on this site and I'm just looking for some help or a bit of an idea on my problem! I'm a female, just turned 20 a couple weeks ago; very fit and usually very healthy apart from my diet the last couple months. I don't drink, have never taken drugs or smoked and I live a very active lifestyle as a personal trainer. I've been worrying myself sick, to the point where I had extreme panic attacks lasting for the last few weeks. I made myself very sick, lost my appetite and in turn and barely ate for the three weeks, lost a lot of weight, became constipated and felt horrible all the time. Now that I'm not as anxious however, the constipation has gone; I'm eating normally again and putting weight back on which is a good sign :) For the last three weeks, I've had lower right abdominal pain about two inches in from my right hip bone. It's just a dull throb and doesn't get better or worse any time, it just happens every minute or so and it's really weird! It's just like someone's poking me from the inside but it's still a dull painful throb if that makes sense? Actually, the pain gets worse during and after sex, but even still, I didn't have sex with my partner for three weeks and the intermittent throbbing still occurred. When I press hard on the area I can also like make my tummy churn on that side and feel it kinda pop bubbles in that area but I don't know if that means anything. I also have churning in my lower abdominals. I had the same thing about a year ago and it went away on it's own, but this one won't go away! I've had an internal ultrasound to find an ovarian cyst on my LEFT side but the pain is on my right. I've had a blood test which included liver and kidney function tests, stool sample which were all completely normal. I have been constipated also but that's gone away now so can anyone give me any idea what it is or what I should do? I must sound like a freak but I'm just so curious as no doctor is giving me a definitive answer as to what it is, other than just a normal bodily thing! As I mentioned, I'm only 20 and I understand now it is very unlikely for it to be something super serious, however this stupid dull intermittent pain is doing my head in! Please help :)