Hey all.  I'm new around here and found this forum while searching around trying to find info about a problem I've had for a little over a week now.  

I've been having pain in my lower belly, only on the left side, whenever I need to void my bladder, when I am urinating, and when I move my bowels.  The pain while urinating is a heavy, pressure/pain sensation that stops a few seconds after I have fully emptied my bladder.  The pain when moving my bowels is more sharp, more intense, but in exactly the same place.  It too stops not long after I've finished using the toilet.  I've also started noticing it at night if I wake up needing to urinate... like the weight of a full bladder is pressing on the sore area inside.  I only notice the pain when I need to use the toilet or while using it.  The pain is not originating from the bladder... I've had bladder infections in the past and know what that feels like.  This feels nothing like a UTI.

I'm 35, female, never a smoker, no kids, had a hysterectomy at 26 due to precancerous fibroids and a family history of cervical/uterine cancer, but I still have both ovaries.  I'm on daily methadone for a badly damaged back, and have been stable on the same dose of 140mg for over 3 years, with Tylenol, Orphenadrine Citrate (muscle relaxant), and TENS (non-drug) therapy for breakthrough pain.  I am currently also taking 30mg of Cymbalta for depression issues that cropped up over the winter due to working nights and not enough sunlight.  I have checked the Cymbalta's information leaflet, and belly pain is not listed as a possible side effect of this drug.  I haven't had to take anything else for more than a year.  Methadone does cause constipation, but I do my best to avoid that problem with a combination of dietary fibre and the use of stool softeners and a mild laxative when I need them.  This doesn't feel like constipation, either.  

I really don't want to go to the doctor if I don't have to, as it is difficult to get an appointment with her.  I also really dislike being touched, since I am autistic and have a lot of sensory defensiveness.  

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this pain might be caused by?  Trying to search by symptom online is just too vague and isn't netting me much.