I have bright red in stools pain in lower right back feels like somethings pinched a nerve inside of me and pain goes down my right leg. It almost feels like I pulled a muscle in my buttocks and leg but that's not what it is. I can tell it's caused by whatever is pinching what feels like my colon or nerve. I don't have any thing sticking out like a hemroid or anything. I also have had this pain off and on for three days. Its like a constant pinched feeling inside connected to just my right buttocks and right leg pain. Then I have off and on pain in my lower abdominals below my belly button. And no its not period cramps or menstral stuff. I have also had cloudy urine and its been taking forever to pee latelly. I have to push sometimes when I pee. Please let me know what you think is up. I don't have a bladder infection either and its not a UTI. Who knows. Im just debating if I should go to urgent care.