Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum :)

A little background story about myself. I'm 23 years old and residing in Canada. I'm 5'10 and 135 lbs, so skinny and exercises(although not so much now). I haven't had any medical problems or any health issues in the past ever *knock on wood*. :)

So about 3 months ago, in October of 2011. I was eating KFC(2 piece meal with fries and a drink) it was good at the time but I felt grossed afterwards(like most times after fast-food), I went home that night and everything felt normal and what-not, I'm usually a night-owl, so at about 1am, right before I went to bed, I went to the washroom to pee. Just as I was finishing, i felt a bit of sharp pain on my lower right side, just above the hip area and below the rib cage.

I thought Wow...what happened? I walked to my room afterwards and it was still lingering around. The next morning, same thing, the pain was now there and it didn't go away. My first diagnoses was kidney stones, so I just drank gallons of water but that didn't work. It wasn't a pain 24/7, it was just a bothersome dull ache every now and than. It wasn't painful at all. I went to my docters a few days ago since the pain didn't go away and they said it's probably gas but it MIGHT be Appendicitis, so moniter it and if it starts hurting(rebound pain) and fever. Head into the ER right away. Luckily that wasn't the case,

and it wasn't appendicitis. I took a better diet and it started to feel better but it stayed the same. I did some blood-work and urine samples, everything came back good too. Than after weeks went by, it started to slowly get better than near the end of November, it just came back. The dull ache was rarely occurring but now it's back. So I went to the doctors again and they tell me it's nothing and it's gas. So the doctor diagnoses me with IBS. He gave me 50MG of Dicetel to take 3x a day before meals. I bought the medicine and took it for 3 days, the pain started to get more painful and more frequent as I was on Dicetel so I stopped.

I went to my doctors the week after and explained to him. He said, he doesn't feel like theirs anything serious going on in my body and it's probably just IBS. He also stated Dicetel usually works for IBS patients but not all, so I should stop taking it since it doesn't seem like it's working for me.

So after coming back from the Doctors 2 days ago, I'm constantly burping and the pain on my right side is still there, it's more than an ache now, it's painful and sometimes it'll be on my left side as well. What's weird is yesterday, I could barely feel the ache or pain and today I feel it a lot more.

I really don't know what's happening to me but I do feel fatigued a bit and nauseated quite a bit too. But my appetite is still there, I can eat normally like usual.

Could anyone chime in please? :(