Today I began to experience sharp abdominal pain, mostly in my lower pelvic area. I also experienced facial twitches, which are still continuing off and on. I normally have minor facial twitches, especially just below my eyes in the morning if I'm tired, but that typically goes away. This has been going on all day, as I said, on and off. The abdominal pain is also strange as it's very sharp but it's not making me bowl over, so it's not terribly painful.
This week has been particularly stressful for me as I've been dealing with personal issues with family and three days ago I experienced a work issue that got me worried for my job. I'm wondering whether these two things are linked to the stress I've been going through and therefore, if they will dissipate once I get a chance to calm down.
I thought at first that the abdominal pain was simply gas, so I made a few trips to the bathroom throughout the day, but I'm starting to think it's that. The reason I link it to stress is because each time I felt a sense of exasperation, it would start, but it could just be coincidence. I am also due to have my period in a couple of weeks and I tend to get certain symptoms of PMS at least a week before, but this pain is something different from menstrual cramps.

I'm convinced the facial twitch is more likely stress related. But needless to say it's annoying. I've also had a few instances of a numbing sensation around the tops of my cheeks. It's like a wave of numbness that flashes over my face and goes away fast.

Anyway, I hope that my theory is true, that this is stress-related. But if anyone has any other suggestions, then I'd like to hear them.