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This time I had a chance to talk to Biomajor'10. He is a SteadyHealth member and a vote contest winner.
I hope that you will enjoy reading this interesting interview. Biomajor'10 thank you for your big support on SteadyHealth.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, Im 21 going on 22 and im from the United States. I enjoy the outdoors, Hiking, rock climbing horseback riding, and anything else outdoors. My mom is an nurse in the emergency room and Intensice Care Unit.
So I guess that’s where I get my interests of helping people with medical issues with. I've been around medical situations all my life and found that helping in those types of situations has always come sort of natural to me.

In your profile you said that you are a student. Can you tell us more about your studies?

Yes, I am a student at NIU (Northern Illinois University), where I'll be earning a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences (hence the user name Biomajor'10) while at NIU, aside from taking classes, I have been working in a research lab which does research with Neisseria gonorrhoeae. After I graduate I am going to persue a degree in Veterinary Medicine. I also am hoping to get my EMT/Paramedic basic license in the near future.

What do you enjoy about the forum the most?

I would say that I enjoy knowing that I am actually helping others especially those who seem to have nowhere else to turn to. I also enjoy "debunking" common Myths that people think or have heard. Masturbation does not make you go blind or grow hair on your hands lol.....

How much time do you spend participating in SteadyHealth discussions?

I tend to spend quite a bit of time (sometimes more than i probably should due to school). but it really depends on what I have going on that day or week. I think it would be safe that I am on the forum at least once a day.

What section of the forum is the most interesting for you?

Well I help out in any topic post on which I feel I can give an honest correct answer or help in some way. With that said I tend to spend the most of my time answering questions related to puberty and or reproductive health. Mainly more of the male reproductive health since I am a guy, but I do have a good amount of knowledge helping females as well although I am no match for the "pregnancy/women's health queen" (sorry Bambie) lol.

If you could change or add something on SteadyHealth, what would it be?

I would say a spell checker would be nice. I am about as guilty as anyone about misspellings but some are just slaughtered.... I think it would especially help those from other countries where English is not their native language.

Have you made any friends since you joined this community?

Well I don't know if I would call them friends or close acquaintances but yea I seem to interact most with njoynlife, kingfreeze, and bambie.

Do you have any interesting stories from discussions to share?

There is a woman who I have been helping since about the first of the year. We are trying to determine what has caused her debilitating neuromuscular disease which has been getting worse the past 20 years. We think that we are getting a good leads and are waiting on more test results but I think its one of the posts which I will never forget. It’s been really great trying to help her and I feel like we are making progress and I know that I have given them a lot of hope back and if one doesn't have hope then how can they manage to continue on?

Would you suggest to others to share knowledge on SteadyHealth discussion boards?

As for sharing knowledge I would say share as much KNOWLEDGE as you can but be very cautious of info which may seem odd or fictional. I would say to those who want to post advice and or info to please make sure what you are posting is accurate and factual. There is nothing worse then giving someone false advice or perpetuating a myth. This is why I only answer posts which I am sure I know info about or have the answers to.

Do you have a message for our members and visitors?

I would advise those looking for answers to please check areas of the forum that have similar or the same topics as your question before posting. I find that there are a TON of repeated questions which we answer the exact same way. I think everyone deserves to have their questions answered but I also think that a lot of people’s questions are the same as others before them so they can probably find the answer to their questions. Also try to start new topics when posting because I think a lot of the members, me including, that tend to ignore the posts which already have 10,000,000 replies when normally the last person which replied is one who is asking a question instead of posting a reply to the original question (it that makes any sense).


Wow really good answers and grammer by the way. I hope to be able to get interveiwed in the near future. I'm moving on up! But anyways I enjoyed reading this it inspired me to help even more. And do some more research so I can be prepared for more questions and advisories on here. I'm going to do that now!!! :-D


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Thanks teenmom....

i had to laugh to myself when reading my interview because I did pick up a few misspelled words since I forgot to run a spell check :$ XD

o well i enjoyed doing the interview and felt really privleged to be asked to participate in an interview. hopefully you too will get to be interviewed. keep up the good work and only offer the most realistic and accurate advise possible :-D 8)