This is an interview with bambi27. She is a SteadyHealth member and a supporter. As you will see in this interview she is from Canada. She has very interesting job, she is a healthcare advocate.
I hope that you will enjoy reading this interesting interview. Bambi27 we are thankful for your big support.

1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I'm a married mother of 2 boys, 17 and 14, I've been married for over 20 years! Was born in England and moved to Canada when I was 11! I have 5 animals - 3 dogs, 2 cats! I've been a healthcare advocate for about 14 years, and am presently a member of my local Medical Marijuana Association! I am passionate about rights for the sick, the disabled, children, women and animals! I belong to many societies that cover all of the above! I would call myself a Socialist Redneck! Which basically means I think and act with my heart!

2. What do you enjoy about the forum the most?

I love this Forum and what it offers to people with questions! I originally found the site looking for answers about a medical condition of my fathers and here I am! I have been interested in all things medical since I was very young, and I find it TOTALLY interesting! So I love learning about different things and trying to help people by connecting them to further information.

3. How much does participating in SteadyHealth discussions take of your daily time?
The time I spend on Steady Health basically all depends on what is happening that day! It could be just to check on messages or several hours trying to get to the bottom of a persons health concerns!

4. On what section of the forum do you spend your time the most?
For some reason I seem to be more on about Sexual Health!!!!! Someone called me "the Pregnancy Queen" and it seems to be what I answer most! I am very interested in children’s concerns - especially teenagers - as I have 2 of my own (and all their friends) it is a win win situation! I can learn things to help my boys and their friends, and I can pass on what I've already learned through raising them!

5. If you could change or add something on SteadyHealth, what would it be?
Probably the layout of the page, where people get to vote has been placed near the bottom, so there's a LOT of really good "supporters/counselors" that aren't being recognized due to people not knowing about the voting system! It is a REAL honor to be voted for. And I think it would help the morale of the Supporters, to know they are being really appreciated!

6. Have you made any friends since you joined this community?
I have made several friends on here, it is nice to "connect" with someone, and try and help them and also receive that help back! It is a very caring community on here! And being able to TOTALLY understand someone else, or that person feeling like they are not the only ones with that particular problem, is a wonderful thing!

7. Could you share the most interesting reply that you have received from another SteadyHealth member?
There have been several "interesting" replies! But I have to say, one I just received a "boy" was complaining about a "personal" problem and he stated that he was 13! Yet the rest of the message he was asking if "it could be his job causing the stress!" I was thinking that he made a mistake and was really 23, but low and behold NO he said he IS 13! I'm still wondering about that one!!!!!

8. Could you tell us something about health care in Canada?
Healthcare in Canada!!!!! That's a BIG Can of Worms for me! I believe our healthcare system is under seige, from profit driven companies - in particular, Insurance and Private Health Care groups! We have our big health care concerns covered - such as operations, hospital stays, MRI's, etc. But the governments are slowly chipping away at our Canada Health Act! Which protects ALL our citizens and gives us certain rights! Each province - depending on what side of the fence they are on (right or left) - is in charge of providing healthcare! So depending on who is ruling, will depend on what they do with the healthcare system in general! Where I live is VERY right wing, that believes in the Americanized Healthcare System! And has tried it's best to get us there, by closing hospitals and beds, and de-listing services and treatments! That is why I am SO invested in what Americans do with this 1 chance to rectify their healthcare system! Because whatever Americans do, our PrimeMinister WILL follow! IF Americans embrace the fact that ALL Americans should be covered for Healthcare, it would make it harder for our leaders to try and "Americanize" our system, when America's system is now Canadian! There is a LOT riding on what happens in the States - for us too!

9. Would you suggest to others to share knowledge on SteadyHealth discussion boards?
I think the more people that offer opinions and ask questions on Steady Health, will empower SO many more people! We - as supporters - will learn and learn and be able to impart that new found knowledge onto others! Someone made a statement a long time ago "For every 1 person who speaks out, there are 100 who believe the same thing but whom are silent" So I believe that this applies to this forum! When you look at the number of posts, and then look at the number of Views it is obvious people are checking in on what the question AND the answer is!

10. Do you have a message for our members and visitors?
My message is this "Ask away!" The more questions we have, the more members and topics the better! I also want to bring up something that bothers me. There are some people that come on here with (I feel) the wrong ideas! There have been some topics that are SO out there and EXTREMELY questionable statements and answers! It impeeds people with REAL problems from reading or answering in this forum, because it has now turned "dirty"! Some people like to shock - which I understand - but this isn't the place or the site to do that! This Site IS about helping people, NOT shocking them! So enjoy the site, and "clean up before you leave!"