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I've had the pleasure to correspond with one of the winners of our Supporter of the Month Vote Contest. I would like to thank Olwen Anderson for having this interview with me and to thank him for being with us on the board. It really is great to have you here on

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm a clinical nutritionist-naturopath, writer and speaker. In my free time I'm getting fit myself, cooking up a storm, or reading. I live in the middle of a World Heritage area, so there are plenty of opportunities to get out in the open air and have fun.

2. In your profile it says that you are Nutritionist-Naturopath, Health Writer and Speaker. Can you tell us something about that?

My job is to help people get healthy, naturally. Most of my work centers around showing people how to improve their nutrition – either in person, through one of my books, or when I'm speaking to a group. Many people don't know what they're supposed to be eating, or are confused about where to start. I can help them sort through all the information and find the right step to take next.

3. What do you enjoy about the forum the most?

The warm, supportive atmosphere really impressed me from the first time I visited the forum. Everyone is really respectful and appreciative of each other.

4. How much does participating in SteadyHealth discussions take of your daily time?

About 15 minutes – I usually log in at the end of the day to see if there are unanswered posts that I can help with, and continue other conversations. I could wander around the site for hours if I didn't have other work to do – there is so much going on.

5. On what section of the forum do you spend your time the most?

The unanswered posts. I'm always hoping to clear someone's confusion about their condition, provide information, point them in the direction of further research if that's what they need, or at the very least just let them know that there is an answer out there. Actually, the unanswered posts is the only place I've been spending time – I often arrive with the intention of exploring the site but never quite get there…

6. Is there anything you don't like about the SteadyHealth community, something that makes you angry or something you would change or add?
As I'm a relative newbie to this forum, and using just a small portion of the site, I can't really comment on what I'd like to change. But I know that the constantly moving pictures and ads are very distracting!

7. What moves you to come to SteadyHealth every day?

During a period of my life when I was unwell (many years ago!), I so desperately wanted information and yet none seemed to be available. I felt completely lost and confused. So I'm keen to help other people who are now in the same position I was in then.

8. Have you made any friends since you joined this community?

Hmmm. You know, I should think about that, after all I've been part of the community for two months now.

9. Would you suggest to others to share knowledge on SteadyHealth discussion boards?

Everyone has so much to offer – don't hold back!

10. Do you have a message for our members and visitors?

Keep looking, keep talking – the answer to your question is out there!


What a great interview! I am really glad to read this because I have seen Olwen's contributions and I think they're great. Thanks for always being so helpful!!