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%-) im really quite worried, well... couple of days ago this reaccuring problem of a white glue substance under my foreskin came back, so i began pulling back my foreskin and cleaning it, as i usually do, but actually cleaning the glue stuff with my fingers.
any way, i thought id cleaned it but yesterday my penis was itching like fuk, i woke up today, went to go in the bath and my foreskin was bright red and looked out of shape, as i tried to pull back my foreskin i found that this was impossible as it was swollen. also a white substance kept pouring out, which i fink could be the glue but it was in a liquid form!!! help please.
one other point- i did have unprotected sex over 3 weeks ago, which i fink as nothing to with it, because these problems didnt begin till 2/3 days ago
help please and thanx


You got me really worried with this swelling and liquid discharge!
Since you said you have been retracting the foreskin to clean it, could it be that you left it retracted and went to bed like that? Have you been waken by the swelling and pain?

These two symptoms you mentioned, swollen foreskin and white liquid coming out of it, are the most common symptoms of paraphimosis, which occurs when you leave the foreskin retracted. Paraphimosis is a condition in which like I said your foreskin would would not go back over the head since it got stuck and it may cause strangulation prevent the blood from going down. The head of the penis and foreskin may become swollen.

If something like this had occurred, you need to see an urologist right away, so that you could reverse the problem. It is an emergency!

Even if this is not the case, swelling of the foreskin is not normal and you should definitely see an urologist.

As for the formation of the white stuff under the foreskin, it is because of the poor hygiene. It is not done with fingers once it has already collect but the area under the foreskin is washed every day with mild soap and plain warm water. That way, there won’t be any white substance under the foreskin at all.


I have the same thing, swollen tip , can't retract the foreskin and itchy. What you have done for this?