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I was with my girlfriend and we where playing around and I am 18 and still hadn't pulled my skin over to fully expose my foreskin cause I never masturbate so it was very tight so I went to the bathroom I saw the chance and I pulled it over... Long story short I went home went to sleep woke up the next morning and the foreskin is swollen day by day it gets more and more swollen today is day 3 ...



whatshould I do? 


 You have paraphimosis.

Paraphimosis is the name of the condition of a retracted foreskin that is stuck behind the glans penis (head) of the penis and will not go forward. One can read about paraphimosis on the Internet.

If the foreskin is tight enough it can cut off blood circulation to the head and cause edema (swelling due to fluid accumulation). Paraphimosis should be promptly reduced when it occurs. Paraphimosis may be reduced by squeezing the head of the penis really hard to force the blood to leave the head. This will temporarily reduce the size of the head at which time the foreskin may be brought forward.

 If attempts to reduce the paraphimosis are unsuccessful, then one should go to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. It is not necessary or advisable to be circumcised although some old-fashioned doctors are likely to recommend it.

 You may want to stretch your foreskin to make it wider so that it does not get stuck again. 

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