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My wife had D&C on 7th Dec'06. It did bleed for some time and then stopped. It was regular for few days and then on and off for few days.

She got her period on 4th Jan'07 and its kind of okay period - mix of brown and red blood - some time heavy and some time less. ( In general her period is irregular some time it takes from 28-45 days and she is 30 years young).

After 5 days of her period bleeding stopped for two days. Now on her 8th and 9th day she see some blood after urinating.

What could be the cause? After D & C she kind of withdrawn herself from social activities. She sits long time infornt of Laptop.

I am kind of concern. I have taken her to Dr. and they always do ultrasound and the see no problem. I am always there infront of them when they do ultrasound. I being from non medical they have showed me everything is okay.

What could be the reason? Also, is it a good advice to go for intercourse on 12th /14th and 16th day. Everyother doctor suggested it should be okay. What do you suggest? Also, even the reports of D & C shows that chromose was alright.


hi there,
i have read ur text thoroughly,i was also having DNC few months back, i was also feeling very upset like every thing has gone, feeling alone, so this is natural after miscarriage for women, dunt take tention, take her outside and have fun out there.well as far as periods are concern , her body will take time to come back on its original could take almost 8 months to heel up.
dunt do intercourse before arrival of 2 cycles or menses.