In the begining let me make it very clear dat till now i m not involved in any kind of sexual act not even kissing. My age is 26 years (male)

Exactly, 27 days before i had following flu like symptoms

(1) Fever between 99-100 (it nvever crossed 100)
(2) Very sore throat
(3) Cold (spoungy/runny nose)
(4) Breathing problem
(5) Fatigue
(6) Severe headache

Fever, cold and headache last for 8-10 days, from then i dont have fever & headache. (I didnt take any medical treatment for this)

But from the begining i still have following persistent symptons (on 27th day)

(1) Soreness/pains/congestion in throat.
(2) Mild diarrhea from 8-10 days
(3) Fatigue/Weakness/tiredness
(4) Occasional red and pricking bumps on skin (isolated)
(5) Spougy nose

I went to ENT specialist, he said it might be some viral infection and prescribed some antibiotics. But its not working.

Please guide me about this, from alomst one month i m in tremendious pressure.

Is it HIV???