Throat ache started on Monday, April 17th - suddenly. Pain was sharp when swallowing. I stayed in bed for 3 days: Headache, sweats and chills, vomiting multiple times only in the middle of the night. Barely any sleep. Huge chunks of mucus in the morning when I blew my nose. But only one in the morning and in one blow. Then nothing came out. No congestion or anything. Felt much better after 3 days and was able to go to work. Back in full force 5 days later! No fatigue or anything but a throat ache was still there and jumped from side to side every 3 days. Note: I was smoking 2-3 cigarettes per day.

Two weeks later I decided to start Augmentin 1g treatment (Twice a day for 10 days) thinking it was strep. I missed a dose but prolonged the course by 2 days. Felt MUCH better while taking it. Sore throat almost completely gone! No pain, only sensitivity (PS. I had a chest hive and nausea on antibiotic on the 7th or 8th day - despite this, I continued the treatment - Those symptoms were gone after I finished the course). However, sore throat came back 1 day before I stopped the antibiotic ONLY on one side and pain is mild. There were never any white dots and no fever (a part from the 3 first days). My tonsils (especially the right one), are very inflamed and looks like there's a little mini dot on it, maybe irritation. I went to the doctor yesterday, took a strep swab (2 of them) to make sure, It was negative for strep. Doc said Augmentin probably cleared out the strep and this is just taking some time to heal. When I swallow, now, there's no intense pain but a miiiild/sensitive right tonsil. The one that looks very inflamed. For the past 2 weeks, stopped smoking completely. I've been gargling with Apple Cider Vinegar + raw honey + salt. Doc said to continue doing that, take ibuprofen and it should clear out.

Note: In the past, I've had strep - 6 years ago. I didn't treat it / antibiotics didn't work and I ended up with an peritonsillar abscess in the hospital. I couldn't even drink water or swallow my own saliva. They didn't have to drain but IV anitbiotics for 4 days cleared it out. Now, the pain is NOWHERE NEAR what I had experienced. But logically, I am scared I had strep and what I'm feeling now is a very small abscess that is not clearing? Doc prescribed a Zpack (500 mg) for 3 days IF I don't feel better soon.

Make any sense? HELP! It's been over 1 month now.