i have an approx 1/2cm hard round movable mass on right jawline that appeared about 2 years ago. i thought nothing of it then one year ago i found a swollen lymph node on right posterior neck that is palpable but not hard to touch, it is approx 2 cm and has not been painful until about two months ago when I got sick. I got sick and it took me a long time to get over it. I started with a fever and aches for about three days then it took me about 4 weeks for the constant coughing and congestion to go away. It seemed like a regular cold to me but i just couldnt get rid of it. I had an ultrasound done and both the mass on my jawline and neck were actually swollen lymph nodes as I had suspected. I was on antibiotics when i discovered the node in my neck because the doctor thought it was strep throat but the antibiotics didnt help. I am concerned that I have a type of lymphoma. please i would love your advise on my situation. I also suffer from extreme fatigue, I sleep approx 10 hours and still feel sluggish and have no energy.