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My girlfriend and I have been together for a while and started having sex since around mid january. We've always used condoms but I've had pretty bad sensitivity problems with condoms (tried about 4 brands until now). I wasn't able to cum during intercourse while my partner did and also stopped being wet so it often never finished.

She thus convinced me one day (March 4 2010) to try it without a condom to see if it was the condom or if I had problems with sensitivity (we were both beginners so we couldn't rely on past experiences). The intercourse was short, I pulled out pretty soon and my penis was pretty dry. I also couldn't cum at all that ''session'' since I came from a felatio around half an hour to an hour before. She was expecting her periods around the middle or end of that week and she was on the pills since mid-end october 2009. She was taking the 21 day hormone pills - 7 day non hormone pills combination. However since we were both beginners and wanted to be sure, she didn't take the non hormone pills during her next periods (days after the intercourse) but continued on with the hormone pills (it was the first time she did that). We've never had sex without a condom any other time than then.

Now this is where it starts to get tricky. She finally had her periods the day after, friday, thus a day, maybe 2 late. The periods also were pretty light (similar to spotting, maybe heavier at times) but unlike implantation bleeding, the periods lasted around an eternal 10 days instead of her normal 3-5 days periods...while implantation lasts a few hours to 3 days). Apparently she was informed at the place that she bought her pills that taking them continuously for the first time will completely mess up her cycle with symptoms such as spotting. I thus relieved myself thinking that all this was caused by a hormonal imbalance and that her periods were simply ''slowed down'' by the pills who should normally stop the periods when you are used to taking them continuously.

The 3 weeks and so after the intercourse we didn't see ourselves (due to distance, family, etc.) but we talked and we finally had this weekend that is now ending together. During the three weeks, she didn't really complain about any radical symptoms, as stuff she felt like headaches or fatigue (she felt pretty tired a few days but she could carry on with her days and it stopped pretty soon) were explainable by other factors than pregnancy. She did not have any food cravings, other bleeding since her long period, no nausea, no weird muscular (such as lower back) pains, etc.
However this weekend she complained a lot about stomach or abdominal pain (now I wasn't really able to understand what kind of pain it was, but it didn't seem to be major since she could carry on with her day....although she noticed it) and important breast sensitivity (she was very sensible at the breasts when I touched them and she pretty easily complained of pain). However, her breasts didn't seem to have grown and the areolas didn't change color from what I remember since the last time I saw her. From what I understand the breast sensitivity started during the week before this weekend.

She kept taking her pills after that intercourse and she's still taking them today and she's disciplined with them. I talked to her once or twice to tell her that I was worried (once a few days after the intercourse, once last monday) but both times she kept telling me that there was nothing wrong, the these things (such as breast sensitivity) happen and that I have to stop worrying. Then I stopped stressing her with it since I eventually annoyed her with this a bit and I didn't want this to affect her next period....even though she's not expecting a normal next period since her health specialist told her that after taking the hormone pill continually normal periods may take a while (even months) to come back. Also, I wasn't able to make her take a pregnancy test even though it would've been too soon anyway. She's now a bit clueless of where she's at with her cycle since her last one was so messed up...even though normally at this moment she should have ovulated a few days ago.

Now I do realise that there are always chances and that in my situation they are extremely small (pulling out, birth control, she had her periods around when she expected them, no major symptoms, etc.) but these anormalities or ''symptoms'' scare me. Should I worry? Or is it nothing? At what point do symptoms indicate pregnancy? Must they be continous?
I feel a bit silly but I don't have much experience and I really feel that I need some opinions from experienced people to see if there's something wrong in this situation.

Thank you for the help


Actually honey I disagree with you I think you are VERY knowledgeable!!! You have hit it on the head exactly, she is all over the place due to her taking the hormones continually! She might also have a Major period with the next one!

Just know in future that she is still protected while taking the 7 days, and just find a condom that is not latex, and even if you have unprotected sex - while she is on the pill - you can always make sure you ejaculate outside the body so there is VEYR little chance at all to get pregnant OK?

She's fine and her cycle should come on soon and be intense - as her sore breasts are showing already! There is ALWAYS give and take when you are messing with mother nature! You might be able to take away a period for awhile BUT that lining NEEDS to be gone eventually! OK? Good luck and health to both of you! And good for you for being so informed and protected!