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Before I say this, I don't need a lecture about how dumb this way. I already know how stupid unprotected sex is and I made a mistake. I'm 16 years old. He's 17. My ex and I lost our virginity to each other last night, (we both still love each other. Things are very complicated) We did it without a condom about 5 times.. He didn't *** inside of me that I know of. We think that he might have *** on my vagina though right after he pulled out the 2nd time that we fornicated. I'm absolutely terrified that I might be pregnant, I've been nauseous today but it's probably from nerves. I haven't thrown up at all. Is there any way I can know if I'm pregnant before taking the test in a week? I ended my period last Saturday I think? Idk if that helps with anything. We talked about everything last night and I know that he would be there with me every step of the way, and we agreed that we would have the baby and be together, but our futures are way too bright and we're way too young to have a baby. Please help? I'm freaking out.


Hi AJ,

It's too early for ANY pregnancy symptoms.  Even if you are to get pregnant you ARE NOT yet.  It's not instantaneous, it takes several days for implantation to occur.

You also can't reliably test in a week.  You need to wait AT LEAST two weeks, preferably longer.  It takes time for hCG, the pregnancy hormone, to rise high enough to be detected.  You also must use your first morning urine (wake up pee) when you test.

Clarify something.  You said you did it about 5 times.  Did he ejaculate, wipe off his penis, and then put it in your vagina, at any time?  If "yes" then there is a chance of pregnancy.  There would be semen (with sperm), not pre-cum, in his urethra and it would be squeezed out into your vagina.  It only takes one.

You also said you ended your period last Saturday.  How long does it last?  Dates are determined by it's start date.  I'm assuming your period lasts about 4 days.  So you had sex a week later, or day 11 of your cycle.  You'd normally ovulate between days 11 and 16 of your cycle.  Sperm can survive for about 5 days.  Your timing, if you wanted to get pregnant, is just about perfect. 

If you can think of anything to add please reply.  From what it looks like now there is a good chance, about 20% (that's as good as it gets when everything is perfect) of pregnancy.  The morning after pill, Plan B, may be an option.

Hope it helps, good luck.