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my partner and i are trying for a baby i started my period monday i finished friday and had unprotected sex last night and was wondering since i read that it is possible i could fall pregnant because sperm lives for 3 to 5 days and could fall pregnant in next days is this true ? should i keep trying to increase my chances ? i have been getting mixed messages alot of ppl have answered and says it is possible other ppl have answered and said no please help ??


Hi Unkown,

Yes, sperm lives up to 5 days in the vagina/cervix and can impregnate you at any time if there is sperm to meet up with.  And, yes you can pregnant at any time but usually 10 - 14 days after your period is a females fertile time.

I would keep having sex as many times as possible to increase your chances of it actually occurring.  The more you have sex the more your chance increases of it happening.

Good luck, hope this helps and keeping my fingers crossed for you