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my bf and i had sex 5 days ago, and he took his penis out right before he came... but his cum was all over my stomach, and some could have slid down to my vagina.. is it possibel that i could get pregnant from this?? HELP!


Yes! you can most definatitly fall pregant! and also there is sperm presant in Pre-cum! You could also have sexual diseases now!


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Hey there Lolo,

Let me make a few corrections.

it is possible to get pregnate this way but HIGHLY UNLIKLEY (99.9999999% sure you wont get pregnate)

also Pre-cum normally DOES NOT CONTAIN SPERM CELLS. the only way sperm cells get into pre-cum is when they are picked up from a previous ejaculation.

before haveing intercourse, when was the last time your bf ejaculated? did he urinate between the time he last ejaculated and you guys having sex? also is he circumscised?

thanks 8)