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If I ejaculated into my stomach, my girlfriend licked most off and then I fingered her for about 20 minutes (I didn't touch any) and my stomach was on the bed so I'm pretty sure most of anything left would've gotten wiped off, and then she sat on my stomach for like 1 minute, could she be pregnant???


It'd be very very unlikely to impregnate her since the little amount of semen with very few sperm left alive and on your stomach would need to get deep inside her vagina and far enough inside to begin swimming up inside her body farther to get to her cervix and fallopian tubes to reach an egg. She would need to have an egg ready within a week of any of your sperm swimming inside of her body. And you would need to get enough of your sperm deep inside her body to make it past a lot of tough natural barriers inside her vagina and cervix that trap and kill most of a man's many hundreds of millions of sperm in a deep and full ejaculation inside her vagina. Even when a man shoots his full ejaculation load of semen directly and deeply inside her and deep inside her vagina during normal sexual intercouse, most of his countless millions of swimming sperm die before ever reaching her egg. The few sperm on your stomach can't even compare with a full ejaculation of millions of sperm deep inside her vagina. So, the odds of any few sperm getting inside of her from your stomach and then also making that tough trip deep inside her body is minimal. It'd be amazing for that few sperm to ever get deep inside of her and past her body's defences to reach and impregnate her egg. Some guys do manage to hit the jackpot in one single shot. But, most men need to do several full ejaculations deep inside their wives to intentionally get them pregnant when trying to get her pregnant over months of time. The full ejaculation inside her vagina would still need to time it just right for the egg to be ripe and ready for his sperm to fertilize it. But using a spermicide and condoms will take your worries way down in future sex with all women. Rubber up and reduce the chances of diseases and pregnancies.