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here's my prob.
me and my bf have sex on my first day of my period we have a unprotected sex because were very sure that its safe..and he's not withdraw his it safe or not?its possible to me to get pregnant??even i have my period when we do this??and my period lasts upto 5 days i am safe now or not??tnx..


Don't be so sure that you can not get pregnant while having your period. You can, it is not common but it's possible.
A normal ovulation begins around the 14th day from the first day of your last period. If you are regular and always on time, you can chart on your calendar when you think you will ovulate. There are about 5 days in this part of ovulation when you can conceive. If you are not regular with your periods, it is hard to determine exactly when you will ovulate.
Why take a chance with anything? Why are you not on birth control, or at least have boyfriend put on a condom?
It is okay to have sex while on your period, it won't hurt you at all, but i can not tell you that you will absolutly not get pregnant.


tnx for the reply

last month i have period aug14 and this month sept.8 and we have a unprotected sex i dont know how to calculate it plzz help..

and on sept8 the first day of my period he ejaculate it from inside of me because he's sure that it cant bring me on to pregnant is it possible??

my period lasts upto 5days will the sperm cels alive??
another detail after we do it my second day of my period is strong and also the 3rd and the 4th day of i possible to get pregnant??sorry 4 having a many questions im so depressed now i dont know what to do plzz help