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for the last 3 months i have been tryin to get doctors to help me diagnose why I have this constant cough, ( bronchitis sounding ). one doctor order ultrasound and the office was very incompetent lost my info never got my results for 3 weeks. then told me they didnt see anything.
I went to another doctor, This doctor ordered an xray. Xray comes back saying I seem to have an abnormality pressing on my windpipe. Also in this xray this is when they noticed that my air capacity is not 100%
( making me worry now that the goiter has grown down into chest based on what i read on net)
Yet if my ct scan is clear n my chest why is my capacity not 100%? was 97% i believe.

Well I have been on levothyroxine was on .150mg, for a long time, up til jan. ( other doctore increased it to .175mg. have been on thyroid meds for about 10 yrs.
So doc orders ct scan on chest and neck. this is march everything seems to take so long. I did so with out contrast because im very afraid of things that i dont knwo what it is they are putting in me so declined that.

Because i declined that now the doctor tells me when he read report that because no contrast they couldnt be sure but that they recommended me have an ultrasound. Well since i couldnt get the other doctors office to fax over the firs ultrasound i feel better in getting a new one with a more trustworthy doctors office.

Now heres my question which based on my symptoms, do i have just nodules or a goiter.. possiblity, could i have graves desease ?
symptoms include, cough as if something is in my throat, throughout day .. ( i suffer some allergy problems so sometimes hear the very bronchial cough not producing too much phlegm but i do have post nasal drip too for sometime. I feel this pressure and a thud sometimes when i breath softly .. at night when i lay down i feel/hear a sort of little popping for a brief second when i exhale. Which makes me want to cough.

I have no idea if this is related but have suffered from tinitus since last summer. ( tho i think that is from a fall i took hurting my shoulder and neck ( xrays indicated nothing wrong with what they saw back then, then the recent xray said my spine and neck looked fine.

I am fatigued alot. lets im 51 yrs old.
my hair seems to be thinning.
Doctor felt my legs didnt say anything was wrong with them ( thickening some sign of graves?)
I do suffer salt sensitivity and ankles swell, i take lisinopril for hypertension. I am obese and need to loose over 70 lbs.
i am not loosing weight but not gaining. I suffer mild constipation at times.
my skin is dry but i live in a desert .. ( contributing i believe)

Anyway thats an over all health synopsis .. I know ill be finding out shortly but .. i dont understand why it takes so long and why it cant be diagnosed more easily ..
are there tests for graves desease?
Doctor did feel some nodules but he seemed not that concerned..
but i cant swallow or breath properly.
Im getting more depressed every day trying to keep my mind off the possibilities with this thyroid problem.
Can you help answer any of the questions even partially would be appreciated.
Thanks very very much

Worried and depressed


Hello! I think that most of your symptoms could be attributed to thyroid nodules.
My mom was found enlarged thyroid nodule

It hasn’t been found until it started causing troubles because she had no other symptoms prior to these becoming severe.

First, she became to feel fatigue and was very down-something like a mild form of depression. Then she started having the tension on the neck, as if something was there and would have occasional breathing and swallowing problems.

They ordered ct scan and found that a nodule was big and didn’t do any biopsies or anything but decided to have it removed immediately. They did order a TSH blood test and there was not overproduction of the thyroid hormone.

Some of the symptoms you mentioned like constipated, dry skin, depression remind me more of a hypothyroid then hyperthyroid, and I read that these symptoms too could be a sign of enlarged nodules.

I hope everything turns out good for you! Let me know what the results turned out to be!


Hi Heather,

May I ask how your mother is doing and how old your mother was when she went through surgery?

My grandmother who is in her late 80s is experiencing some severe symptoms where she has a decrease in appetite, is constantly coughing and can't sleep at night because of the coughing and shortness of breath. I'm trying my hardest to get her into the Doctor ASAP but the Doctor is not available until 3 days from now.

Needless to say I'm very worried and concerned and just looking for more information on this for her.

Thank you.


Can anyone offer help? I'm 29 years old and have hypothyroidism. Over the last 3 months I have begun to have great difficulty swallowing, and it is getting progressively worse- I am almost down to having liquids only now. I have lost 20 pounds in weight and starting to lose my hair. So far all the tests have come back normal, but I am feeling increasingly worse plus I have a chronic pressure in my head.
Any suggestions that you could offer would be welcome as so far my GP has been dismissive and I am starting to lose hope that she'll fix this.
Thank you!


I have the post nasal drip and an ent told me I have lpr !! Than my go tells me I don't!!! Every doctor I go to says it aint my thyroid!!! It took two years to get diagnosed.. I can only imagine the damage that is done!! My eyes are blurry , hair everywhere , pnd , choke laying down !! My thyroid measures right lobe 6.3 and left lobe 6.2! 8 have a multinodular goiter and one nodule that has grown in two months and they are gonna biopsy it it's in the ischemic !! But oh no none of my pressure or pnd or suffocating is due to my enlarge thyroid!! They act like I'm crazy I've been to er hundreds of times and owe money out the butt!!!! Why is it so hard for them to wanna treat you !! I am ready to leave here and go somewhere else!!! I feel your pain!!!