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hi, this is really a long story..

me and my gf is having a long distance relationship and we met each other again on 4th of january, she had her period at 1st of january. we have been doing petting ever since im there (we are not doing sex) but i might insert the tip of my penis into her vagina, it was really wet and i cant tell whether im inside her or not (am not using condom). 

we are doing it everyday and i always came outside, and i clean it up with a cloth afterwards asap. I, once saw that there is a white liquid (is that my sperm or pre cum or just a liquid that happens cause of the friction?? im not sure). 

Until now, she has not had her period, does that mean shes pregnant? please anyone tell me what i should do..


is worrying about this will affect her hormone that cause period too? : 
coz we are really worry about it..


Hi Notsureif,

You are having sex.  Penis into vagina, even just the tip, is intercourse.

She may be pregnant.  The white fluid you saw may have been semen.  Since she has not had per period since January then she should take a home pregnancy test.

Good luck.