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ok please help i need an opion from as many people as possible
im a 16 year old male in high school and there is this teacher.
she is sumwhat attractive but everytime im in her class i cant seem to stop wondering what it would be like to have sex with her. i think she has sumwhat the same feelings for me except doesnt show. i notice this because every time she comes in to class she always has really hard nipples that i can see through her shirt and during the class she always seems to be looking at me and smiling. another thing is a couple times she noticed me glancing at her tits and all she did was smiled and then conitinued listening to another student. so please help me what should i do i know its illegal but i would like to do anything with her sooo bad.


OK, there are a couple of different ways to approach this.

First, she's your teacher. Period. That doesn't change, no matter what you think you feel or assume that she feels toward you.

Second, if she's smart at all, she knows better than to go anywhere near you. It not only will cost her a job, but a profession, plus prosecution when it comes out...and trust me, it will come out. There's no way to keep anything like what you're contemplating quiet.

Third, you say you think she's attracted to you cause you notice that her nipples are hard when she walks in. Think about this. She's just come from another part of the building...where it could be cold...where she may have just seen her significant other... where she may have just completed a workout. There are any number of reasons why she MIGHT have hard nipples THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.
PS: There are some bra's that have sewn in nipples to look like they're erect or at least prominent. You can't just from them what's going on.

If she turns and smiles at you, she may be acknowledging your attention, or that you're listening, or that you're staring. But that doesn't mean anything and you really shouldn't assume why she's doing it.

Fourth, I wouldn't do ANYTHING about this. For a 16 year old to be arroused or interested in a fully developed adult is not unusual. You get a pass cause you're still growing up. But rather than embarassing yourself or getting hurt, I would just chalk this up to recognising what turns you on, and move on.

Finally, there have been plenty of stories about teachers and students crossing the lines recently. If anyone hasn't learned the lesson that these news stories teach us, you really DO need to go back to school.

But, that's just me reacting to the very clear portrait of teenaged lust that you've painted for us.

This is what you expected to hear, isn't it?


I totally agree with Kirk C. Also it is very common for boys your age to be attracted to there female teacher if she pretty. But if anything i would just try and stay away because if you were do to anything with her, 1-she will get arrested for rape and because she is your teacher.
2- Most female teachers like when you look at them too, because maybe there personal life isn't interesting; they don't get that sexual attention from there mate so it make them feel sexy when young guys get hard after looking at them. Point blank--- leave her alone and don't go nooo further


it may be your mere illusion or imagination. i advise you to be in control. if thing go wrong, it may put your studies in to dark.