i started potty training my 3 year old daughter last Friday so that by Monday when she returned to daycare she wouldn't be scared and be ready for them to help her. (Daycare is only 4 hours a day) Anyways, my daughter is a very independent little girl, she would never cry at school for me or dad, she was always the leader of her class and would always eat her food. Since Tuesday she's been crying at daycare everyday, crying for me and her dad and not eating her lunch they offer her. The teachers tell me it's normal since she's new to potty training and it can cause her stress. She hasn't had any accidents at daycare so I'm guessing that's a good sign? Also, the second I pick her up she goes back to being her old self and hugs me and her baby brother and tells me she's soooo happy. Please tell me this is normal. She's my first child, my second child is a 3 months old so this is all so new to me and every little change freaks me out. Should I take her out of daycare till she gets 100% hang of potty training? Thank you for your answers.