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Hello am having problems in school my teacher always gives me detention and always strict to me also I have even been hit by her. I always finish my work but she always says to me you have to stay after school because you did it wrong and I check my friends answers and he has the same answers as me but he does not get detention or anything like that and the teacher goes its alright. Also she swears at my family. I don't know what to do!!!! Last time she hit me and she gave me detention because am small and she always picks on me. I hate her she lives in west yorkshire in bradford her name is miss lawther she works in laisterdyke business and college and she is very nasty and also wears glasses and that's all I can describe . And she is the worst she even hits and swears at the other students and also if you see her swear at her or go to that school.


If this is true, it sounds like you need to get your parents to report this teacher, firstly to the headteacher of your school. If they do nothing about it, report her to your local education authority. If she is hitting you, that is assault which needs to be reported to the police. You will need to tell them the dates, times and places that these assaults occurred.

Bad language is unprofessional and totally unacceptable from a teacher - she has no right whatsoever to use bad language on either you or your parents. You are obviously being victimised and bullied by someone in a position of trust. If you think it has anything to do with your size, I sincerely doubt it. A bully will always find something to target. I hope you grow up to be a fine person despite this bad experience - learn from it, you may be able to defend another victim of bullying in the future because you have experienced it yourself. Don't let this spoil your precious life, you have your whole future ahead of you. I know what it is like to be bullied by a teacher and I lacked confidence as a child. I have now grown up and I have learnt to be assertive and I have achieved many good things as an adult. I hope you meet some good teachers one day - I have had some brilliant teachers. I wish you all the best.