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Hello! My mother is forty seven years old. She noticed her monthly period stopped two months ago but she thought it was normal for her age and she connected this to menopause. But when she noticed she started producing small amounts of breast milk she decided to visit her doctor. After the blood tests, which showed high level of hormones, her doctor decided to do MRI. MRI showed growth on the pituitary gland!

Whole family is scared, what will happen to her?


Hello! Pituitary tumors are the most common types of all brain tumors. Usually most of them are benign and do not spread. They are also known as adenomas. According to the symptoms you described (stopped monthly periods, production of breast milk and over-production of hormones) it looks like your mother has prolactin-secreting tumor. Her doctor will tell you all the details about the type, position and size of the tumor which is very important for the treatment. Her treatment will be planned by a team of specialists: neurosurgeon, neurologist or a psychotherapist. Surgery is the most common treatment but there are other options as well. It depends upon her situation.