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I had lost almost all of my weight from having my daughter. i was scheduled to get my Mirena in at my 6week post partum checkup. It hurt really bad going in, I have had bad cramps in my abdomen and lower back since i have had it put in.

Ok so i have been on the Mirena since May 30th of 2007. I have also expirienced extreme hair loss, and massive weigh gain. I have also noticed that my attitude has changed as well. My bf don;t even want to be around me some times cause of the dramatic attitude change.

For 7 yrs I wasnt on birth controll, was always able to maintain a healthy weight, never went over my pre pregnancy weight. I meet this guy whos my current bf few months later found out im pregnant. Still kept the same weight till my 6th month, of being pregnant. I gained maybe 25lbs with my daughter. She is now 6mos old and i weigh more now since i have got this birth controll in than i have in my entire life. i have gained way over 20lbs with it on top of my pregnancy weight.

I have never had this problem before, and as a result to all these problems i been having i am scheduled on Halloween to get the Mirena removed. The purpose for this post is in hoped of finding another birth controll, one that wont cause me to gain weight and have hair loss. Also my breast milk almost completely dried up, and i have to supplement with formula. Its been really discouraging and disappointing. I hope somone has the answers that i been searching for.


Hi, the following is quite general information about what ive learnt since coming of the pill but some of it should be useful!
I’ve been on the pill for 15 years and only just stopped taking it about 3 weeks ago. What I’ve found out since is amazing!
1, The pill works by stopping you from releasing an egg each month (ovulating).
2. When you come off the pill your body needs time to get back into its natural rhythm (from what I’ve read this can take anywhere between 1 month to 1 year). During this time you may experience mood fluctuations, cramps, bloating, etc but this is normal while your body is readjusting (of course always consult a doctor if you’re not sure).
3. You should wait at least 3 months (personally I would wait at least 6) before trying for a baby (using other methods of contraception) while your body readjusts to the following: your own hormones need time to get back into sink; your ovaries need to work again to release the egg; and the lining of your uterus needs to rebuild to be suitable to hold a baby.
4. During this time you should keep active - go walking, swimming, yoga etc.
5. The following info has been invaluable to me as a women and I can’t believe I’ve waited until now to explore this!... There is a natural method of birth control where you can track when you’re ovulating (and most likely to get pregnant). During the time of ovulation (which is about 7 days to be safe) you can use another method of contraception (such as a condom) or refrain from sex until your not ovulating. This only requires tracking morning temperature and cervical fluid. When you track these things you learn about your body. You can also use this method if you are trying to get pregnant (you just reverse it) and you learn about your body and health too!
I wanted to share this information with everybody because since looking at websites such as these I have found that many people do not know about this method (just as I didn’t)! Here’s some websites that I’ve found really useful.

One last piece of information that I just found out…Before synthetic lighting and contraceptive hormones women used to have their periods on the full moon!!

Aloha, Zoe

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You can get the copper (ParaGard) IUD, it does not have hormones, and is good for 10 years instead of 5 with the mirena.