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Hey docs/people.. I really couldnt sleep since the past 3 days because i am worried to death about an STD... Ok so the story starts here, i am a 15 year old male from Jordan, hooked up with a guy, he was a stranger ( i know, this is so stupid to do... But it happened, im in a mental breakdown because of it.) I never asked him about how many partners did he have or about his STD status and history.. We just went for it, he sucked my penis at first but then I did it to him too, we didnt have anal, it was only oral. I never checked for any lesions on his penis because of my great stupidity i guess, and i feel bad right now. Anyway, i dont remember him ejaculating any thing in my mouth, i am not sure though since i was so turned on.. And confused and guilty for what i did, anyway if he did i would have spit it. He then left and never talked after, i dont know about his STD status and history, neither checked for any lesions on his penis or genital area. 2 days after, I got a sore throat, not so severe its just even less than mild, not so noticable unless i drink really cold water or ice cream. The back of my throat has tiny bumps, im not sure of what it really is.. could it possibly be pharyngitis? Or a burn ? Because i drank some hot tea the night before and it could have made a burn? About my genital area now, itchy from time to time..found a small flat black dot.. Dont know if its a mole? Cuz i already have a mole down there. I also found a pimple-like thing on the shaft of my penis, should i be worried about throat gonorrhea/chlamydia or genital warts (HPV) /genital herpes? I woke up today, my neck lymph node (right side) is painful, not swollen or red.. It just hurts when in certain positions or when i apply pressure, could it be something serious? Or maybe it is from sleep? I am really scared. Please dont tell me to get tested, my family should never know what i have done and my country is homophobic and strict.. And i dont have the money to have a full STD test. No near clinics/hospitals too. Should I be worried or not? cuz i am already worried to death. Please someone reply ASAP.

My Regards.

A pic of my throat  : 


I would appreciate it if someone replies