im 16 years old and i have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years in the first year i got checked for stds and was clear however during our relationships i have had sexual intercourse with someone else i have been on the birth control injection for over a year now and i get irregular beeding also i have like a white creamy discharge :S when i have sex with my partner it nearly always hurts but is okay in 1 position. i have never been worried about having an std before but since my partner found out he has been overly paranoid its been okay for over 4 months with no problems apart from the ones i explained also i had a urinary infection and a case of thrush which turned out to be a bacterial infection this was about 6 months ago also i enjoy masterbating. however a little over a week ago i got a sore throat and a couple of days before that my partner has been complaing of the inside of his penis hurting when he has a hard on and being sore at other times aswell causing him to be uncomfortable. i am wondering if my sore throat has something to do with it he said it could be clamidyia or herpes :S:( i am too worried to go to the doctors any advice will be appreciated :)